About CubReporters.org

Breaking into journalism isn't easy. CubReporters.org is here to help.
More than 215,000 students -- the most ever -- are enrolled in higher education journalism programs in the United States. Google reports journalism frequently asked questionsthat every month, hundreds of thousands of Web searches are being done for "journalism jobs" and "media jobs." 

But, due to large layoffs in the traditional media, getting a good job is becoming increasingly difficult. Unfortunately, many graduating journalism students are woefully unprepared for the real world. Journalism departments are not teaching students what they need to know to be competitive in the changing world of journalism. Ditto for the existing journalism career guide books.
That's where CubReporters.org comes in. Featuring advice and anecdotes from practicing journalists and expert media recruiters, this website covers everything an aspiring journalist needs to know, including where to get the latest journalism training, how to land an internship, job search strategies, interview tips and more. It also features a lengthy list of major newspapers, magazines, broadcast stations and websites that routinely hire entry-level reporters and it has a section that lists fellowships specifically geared towards young journalists.
Students, educators and young professionals alike will find original and useful information on this website. CubReporters.org was created and is maintained by Mark Grabowski, a journalism professor and AOL News columnist. Feel free to contact him, if you have any questions or suggestions.