Media Internships Are a Must
Iffind a journalism internship paid internships extended internships finding journalism internships journalism internship tips journalism internship FAQ journalism resumes journalism cover letters newspaper internships magazine internships online journalism internships sports journalism internships photojournalism internships broadcast journalism internships New York journalism internships Washington DC journalism internships you're interested in working in the media, doing an internship while you're in college is an absolute must. You can likely get academic credit for it. You may even get paid for it. 

Most importantly, you will gain valuable hands-on experience that will impress prospective employers and give you an edge over other applicants when you're applying for your first job.
"I can't emphasize enough the importance of summer internships," says Randy Hagihara, recruitment editor for the Los Angeles Times. "The more the better. In a competitive job market, editors will want to know that their entry-level hires will be able to hit the ground running -- on a wide variety of assignments."
Journalism internships are offered by many newspapers, magazines, broadcast stations and websites, large and small. Students can intern as reporters, bloggers, photojournalists, production assistants, copy editors, multimedia producers and designers.
Summer is the popular season for internships, although some media outlets offer them throughout the year. Some internships are part-time and last as little as a few weeks, while others are full-time and may run for several months.
Many media outlets have a formal application and selection process while others arrange internships on a case-by-case basis. Some internships may target students from certain regions, schools or backgrounds. Check with each media outlet to find out its requirements.
One final piece of advice on landing a journalism internship: apply early and apply often! Some applications are due several months before the internship starts. And competition is fierce.