Sunday, November 23, 2008

Production assistant sough for Arizona TV newscast

A part-time production assistant is sought at KYMA-TV, Channel 11, in Yuma, Arizona.

Duties include: maintaining appearance of studio; operating cameras, teleprompters, audio board, and character generator; keeping microphones in working condition and conducting microphone checks for talent and guests; queuing the anchors and provide them with appropriate times; running the switchboard and constructing graphics for newscasts; assisting with shoots, commercial, and in-studio live cut-ins; and performing other related tasks to the position as assigned.

Send application to Toby Heinze, Yuma Broadcasting Company, P/T Production Assistant Search, 1500 Foremaster Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89101. You may also e-mail or fax (702) 657-3233. No calls.

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